BSI3000 electric panel air conditioner

BSI3000 switchboard cooler

BSI3000 switchboard cooler has been designed and produced by BentleyIran for the first timeThis product refers to a type of industrial cooler designed and produced for recessed cabinets. The BSI3000 switchboard cooler is a type of Bentley wall coolers. According to Ibn, they are special products for use in cabinets such as industrial cabinets, telecommunication cabinets, communication cabinets, security systems, etc.

Bentley air conditioners are produced with various capacities and in ceiling, wall, centrifugal, hose, centrifugal and blue models, and one of these models is selected according to the conditions of the panels and the needs of industries. BSI switchboard cooler is a branch of wall models.

It is necessary for experienced and capable engineers and managers to enjoy better performance and longer life for their precious hardware equipment by keeping their systems and production lines cool, in addition to preventing accidental failures and as a result stopping production lines. In general, whether you are designing a new electronic device or simply want to protect your existing expensive electronic equipment. Choosing the right electrical panel coolers is very important.

Wall-mounted cooler:

In the wall model, the cooler is installed on the wall or the door of the electrical panel and from the highest part of the panel, which is always the hottest point, it directs hot air into the cooler with its powerful fans.

In this way, after cooling and humidification, cool air enters the electrical panel from the bottom. The indoor air circulation operation continues continuously and instantaneously along with temperature monitoring. Whenever the temperature of the electrical panel is detected by the thermal sensors of the Bentley cooler, the compression system is removed from the circuit.

 Bentley, the oldest designer and manufacturer of electric panel coolers in Iran:

Bentley switchboard coolers are the most experienced designer and manufacturer of switchboard coolers in Iran and manufacturers of all types of switchboard coolers, including ceiling switchboard coolers, wall switchboard coolers, and hose switchboard coolers with various powers and capacities.

In addition to the cooling of the electrical panel, the cooling of the Bentley electrical panel is also used in various other sectors, such as: cooling of the cnc, cooling of the crane, cooling of the elevator, and… the best option to reduce the temperature The electrical panel is the cooling of the Bentley electrical panel.

Longer lifespan of parts and equipment with BSI3000 Bentley switchboard air conditioner

BSI3000 Bentley switchboard coolers increase the lifespan of switchboard parts and equipment. Bentley switchboard coolers provide the optimal temperature for the operation of electrical equipment by disconnecting the external and internal air of the switchboard and creating a clean air chamber inside the industrial boxes.

By creating excellent and optimal conditions for the equipment inside the switchboards, this switchboard cooler increases the lifespan of the devices inside the switchboards. bently panel coolers are produced in various and different models such as ceiling, wall, hose, centrifugal, outdoor, blue , etc.

Air circulation:

The indoor air circulation operation along with the temperature monitoring continues continuously and momentarily, and whenever the temperature of the electrical panel is detected by the thermal sensors of the Bentley cooler, the compression system is removed from the circuit,  but the air circulation operation of the electrical panel continues. It continues to measure the temperature and keep the temperature of all internal points of the panel the same. And they provide the best conditions for the operation of expensive industrial panel equipment.

In the case of ceiling models, the cooling operation and temperature monitoring are similar to wall coolers. The ceiling cooler is installed on the roof of the switchboard and the air circulation operation of the switchboard is performed from the roof of the switchboard.

Important points in buying a panel cooler:

  1. Electrical panel dimensions
  2. environment temperature
  3. Heat generation rate of switchboard equipment
  4. The desired geographic location
  5. The amount of environmental pollution

How to calculate the gas cooler capacity of the electrical panel:

Several important points should be taken into consideration when choosing the type and power of a panel air conditioner. First, how many heat-generating devices are there in the panel, the total parts and the amount of heat produced from them, as well as the air outlet holes from inside the panel and the heat loss caused by it should be taken into consideration.

In addition, the heat of the environment where the switchboard is located can be effective in determining the required voltage of the switchboard. For example, the total heat generated by the drives is 500 watts, the total number of contactors that have electric coils is 15, which is a total of 450 watts, the air exiting the device from other places is 200 watts, the heat level created by the current passing through the cables is 800 watts, the heat loss from the device body is 800 watts, which The total load includes:                ۴۵۰+۲۰۰+۷۵۰+۸۰۰=۲۷۰۰watt

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