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کولر تابلو برق دیواری

BS Wall Mounted Enclosure Cooler

Bently Wall Mounted Enclosure Cooler are produced with various and different capacities and in two ceiling and wall models, and one of the two models is selected according to the conditions of the panels and the needs of industries. These coolers simultaneously absorb the moisture in the air of the panel while performing the cooling operation and immediately remove it from the system by performing the evaporation operation.
In the wall model, the cooler is installed on the wall or the door of the electrical panel. From the highest part of the board, which is always the hottest point, it directs the hot air into the cooler with its powerful fans.
In this way, after cooling and humidification, cool air enters the electrical panel from the bottom. The indoor air circulation operation continues continuously and instantaneously along with temperature monitoring. And whenever the temperature of the electrical panel is detected by the thermal sensors of the Bentley cooler, the compression system is removed from the circuit.
However, the operation of the air circulation of the switchboard continues to measure the temperature and keep the temperature of all the internal points of the switchboard the same. And they provide the best conditions for the operation of expensive industrial panel equipment.

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