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Introducing the best manufacturer of Enclosure Cooler in Iran

About Bently

Bently Company is known for its long history and experience in the industry of industrial cooling and especially electrical panels. Our products are exclusively designed for cooling electrical panels, telecommunications, industrial systems and servers.

Outstanding features of Bently industrial air conditioner

Among the prominent features of Bently industrial air conditioners are the use of environmentally friendly R134a compression system, heat removal of electronic equipment, preventing dust from entering the panel, and providing optimal ventilation inside the panels.

Advantages of electric panel air conditioner: safety and cost reduction

The uniqueness of Bently industrial coolers is that with the ability to absorb moisture from the environment, it quickly expels it from the system and thus, electrical panels operate in more optimal conditions. This action not only increases the useful life of the equipment, but also prevents breakdowns and sudden stops due to adverse conditions.

Application areas of Bently industrial Enclosure Cooler

Bently switchboard air conditioner, with the ability to be installed on all types of switchboards, increases the useful life of the equipment and eliminates the need to cool the environment by providing proper ventilation. Our products are used as efficient solutions in industrial ventilation and switchboard cooling in various industries, including CNC cooling, telecom racks, cranes and elevators.

کولر گازی تابلو برق - اخذ نمایندگی کولر گازی تابلو برق بنتلی
Bently is the first and oldest manufacturer of electric panel coolers in Iran
کولر گازی تابلوبرق

Bently industrial coolers: Reducing risks and costs with proven quality

Other outstanding features of Bently include high quality and variety of products, affordable price, unconditional one-year warranty, and after-sales service for 5 years. Bently Company strives to meet the needs of customers in the best possible way by accurately assessing needs and providing free advice through its technical experts, along with a long history in producing products.

About Bently: Diverse and efficient products

Bently, in addition to the production of ceiling and wall switchboard air conditioners, also operates in various fields such as duct-hose centrifugal coolers, industrial chillers, crane cabin coolers, elevator coolers, outdoor switchboard coolers, and cold water and air cooling converters. We are proud to play a small role in the export of our dear country and we have always been able to satisfy our customers by providing quality products and services.

Paying attention to the needs of customers with a commitment to quality and global standards

We are known as one of the best and most reliable choices in the field of electrical panel air conditioners with our commitment to providing quality products, permanent after-sales services, and affordable prices.

BENTLY Enclosure Cooling Systems, the best-selling Electric Panel Air Conditioners in Iran

Mana Sanaat Tadbir Andish Sahand Company started operating in the field of refrigeration systems and industrial machinery production in 2001. Following the proposals of various industries and following it, the survey and needs assessment carried out since 2013, the company started to produce air conditioners for switchboards and mini chillers under the Bently brand in order to meet the needs of the industry and also to prevent foreign exchange from leaving the country. Subset Mana Sanaat.

Now, in order to provide service to the dear Iranian industry and to export this knowledge-based product, by using modern technology and relying on the knowledge and experience of domestic engineers, we will provide high-quality products with a unique design. The well-being of our customers through valuing quality and placing the continuous improvement process and reliable after-sales service at the forefront As a result, he thinks about achieving peace and security for his companions and users.

Bently Enclosure Cooling Systems are completely dedicated for cooling industrial boxes, electrical panels, telecommunication servers They are designed to eliminate the heat generated by electronic equipment using an environmentally friendly compression system.

A very high percentage of the cause of failure of electronic equipment, drives, inverters, etc. is high ambient humidity and heat inside the switchboard and dust, which leads to malfunctions and stoppage of production lines, or at a higher stage, failure and even fire. Electric panels.

Bently’s cooling system with IP54, in addition to keeping the interior of electrical panels cool by cutting off the relationship between the internal air and the outside air of the panel, the absolute circulation of the internal air prevents any dust from entering the panel.

Bently air conditioners absorb the moisture in the panel air during the cooling operation and immediately expel it from the system by performing the evaporation operation, as a result, it makes the electrical panels of the production lines work in very favorable conditions, which in practice, in addition to increasing the life of the parts and Electrical switchboard equipment prevents production lines from stopping due to accidental breakdowns and increases efficiency
The production process of the relevant system.

Why choose Bently industrial Enclosure Cooler?

The combination of quality, variety, after-sales service, and competitive price makes Bently one of the best and most reliable options in the field of air conditioners.

Bently, with nearly two decades of experience, is known as the best producer of industrial coolers, especially Enclosure Cooler in Iran. Our diverse products, from outdoor and wall panel coolers to ceiling and hose duct coolers, centrifuges and industrial chillers, are all recognized as efficient solutions in various industries. Also, by producing crane cabin coolers, elevator coolers and cold water and air coolers, Bently responds to a wide range of customer needs.

Advice on ventilation systems

Along with the production of quality products, diverse and in line with global standards, with appropriate after-sales services, Bently is ready to provide advice regarding the selection of relevant ventilation systems and peripheral equipment required by various industrial units. By examining and determining the required capacity in the production line, industrial units and customers can make an appropriate choice in purchasing Bently products.

Bently’s customer-centric approach

Bently’s approach includes detailed needs assessment, free consultation by technical experts, and offering exclusive solutions to customers.

If you are looking to buy a quality Enclosure Cooler, get to know our products…

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