Roof mount cooler BR6000

Compressor: KULTHORN

Controler: DIXELL


Roof mount cooler BR6000

Roof mount cooler BR6000 for ceiling electric panel air conditioner has been specially designed and produced for installation on the ceiling of electrical panel and its cooling capacity is 6000 watts. Bentley air conditioners are designed specifically for cooling electrical panels, telecommunications, industrial systems and servers.

The panel air conditioner bently absorbs the moisture in the panel air while performing the cooling operation. The moisture collected in the stainless steel tank is expelled from the system by the evaporator heat exchanger. As a result, the electrical panels of the production lines operate in very favorable conditions.
Panel air conditioners increase the life of electrical panel parts and equipment. Bentley electrical panel air conditioners provide the desired temperature for the operation of electrical equipment by disconnecting the external and internal air connection of the electrical panel and creating a clean air chamber inside the industrial boxes.
Panel air conditioners, by creating excellent and optimal conditions for the equipment inside the panels, increase the life of the devices inside the electrical panels. Bently panel air conditioners are produced in various forms in both ceiling and wall models, and according to the conditions of the panels and the needs of the industry, one of the two models is selected.

In the wall model, the air conditioner is mounted on the wall or door of the electrical panel. From the highest part of the board, which is always the hottest spot. It directs hot air into the cooler with its powerful fans. In this way, after cooling and dehumidification, cool air enters the electrical panel from the bottom.

The operation of indoor air circulation along with temperature monitoring continues continuously and instantaneously, and whenever the temperature of the electrical panel is detected by the desired sensors of Bentley air conditioner, the compression system goes out of circuit. However, the air circulation operation of the electrical panel continues in order to measure the temperature and keep the temperature of all the internal parts of the panel equal. And provide the best conditions for the operation of expensive industrial panel equipment.
In the case of ceiling models, the cooling and temperature monitoring operations are the same as wall-mounted air conditioners. Ceiling air conditioner is installed on the roof of the electrical panel and the air circulation operation of the electrical panel is done from the roof part of the panel.

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Bently Enclosure coolers – br6000


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