BSCH1000 electrical panel air conditioner

BSCH1000 electrical panel air conditioner

BSCH1000 switchboard air conditioner has been designed and produced for the first time by Bentley Iran. Bently centrifugal cooler (channel-hose) is installed to switchboards or industrial boxes and data centers through ducts or air hose pipes. According to Ibn, they are special products for use in outdoor areas, such as industrial cabinets, telecommunications, communications, security systems, etc.

Bentley switchboard air conditioners are produced with various and different capacities and in 3 ceiling models, wall models and centrifugal models, and according to the conditions of the panels and the needs of industries, one of these models is selected. BSCH switchboard cooler belongs to the category of centrifugal models.

Wall-mounted cooler:

In the wall model, the cooler is installed on the wall or the door of the electrical panel and from the highest part of the panel, which is always the hottest point, it directs the hot air into the cooler with its powerful fans.

In this way, after cooling and humidification, cool air enters the electrical panel from the bottom. The indoor air circulation operation continues continuously and instantaneously along with temperature monitoring. Whenever the temperature of the electrical panel is detected by the thermal sensors of the Bentley cooler, the compression system is removed from the circuit.

Bentley, the oldest designer and manufacturer of electric panel coolers in Iran:

Bentley is the oldest designer and manufacturer of switchboard coolers in Iran and a manufacturer of all types of switchboard coolers, including ceiling switchboard coolers, wall switchboard coolers, and hose switchboard coolers with various powers and capacities.

In addition to the cooling of the electrical panel, the cooling of the Bentley electrical panel is also used in various other sectors, such as: cooling of the cnc, cooling of the crane, cooling of the elevator, and… the best option to reduce the temperature The electrical panel is the cooling of the Bentley electrical panel.

The goal of Bentley electric panel cooler is to provide quality products, obtain customer satisfaction, and accompany modern science in the direction of the globalization of the country’s industry.

Longer lifespan of parts and equipment with BSCH1000 Bentley switchboard gas cooler
BSCH1000 Bentley switchboard coolers increase the lifespan of switchboard parts and equipment. Bentley switchboard coolers provide the optimal temperature for the operation of electrical equipment by disconnecting the external and internal air of the switchboard and creating a clean air chamber inside the industrial boxes.

These switchboard coolers, by creating excellent and optimal conditions for the equipment inside the switchboards, increase the lifespan of the devices inside the switchboards. bently panel coolers are produced in various types and in two ceiling models and wall models, and according to the conditions of the panels and the needs of industries, one of the two models is selected.

Air circulation:

The internal air circulation operation along with the temperature monitoring continues continuously and momentarily, and whenever the electrical panel temperature is detected by the thermal sensors of the Bentley cooler, the compression system is removed from the circuit, but the air circulation operation of the electrical panel continues. It continues to measure the temperature and keep the temperature of all internal points of the panel the same. And they provide the best conditions for the operation of expensive industrial panel equipment.

In the case of ceiling models, the cooling operation and temperature monitoring are similar to wall coolers. The ceiling cooler is installed on the roof of the switchboard and the air circulation operation of the switchboard is performed from the roof of the switchboard.

Important points in buying a panel cooler:

Due to the vastness of the market, you can go to electrical and electronic stores or specialized online stores to buy bently switchboard coolers.

Despite the fact that buying an electrical panel should be done by considering many different factors, but buying a panel cooler is much easier compared to buying an electrical panel.

Buying an electrical panel cooler is not only related to the market of electrical and electronic industries, and in many large stores that are related to electronics and electrical equipment, they sell and install this cooler alone and with installation training for their customers.

If you decide to buy an electric panel cooler, it is better to pay special attention to factors such as equipment quality, cooling capacity, degree of protection and related maintenance.

According to these factors and by comparing the price and quality of different products of Bentley switchboard air conditioner, you can choose your suitable switchboard cooler.

Due to the variety of capacity and installation model of Bentley industrial air conditioners, the following points should also be taken into consideration when choosing an electrical panel air conditioner:

Electrical panel dimensions

environment temperature

Application of panel cooler

Paying attention to the type and thermal capacity of electronic equipment of switchboards

Panel cooler capacity

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