Cold water and air cooler BEX1000

Cold water and air cooler BEX1000

Bentley BEX1000 air and cold water cooler is the best option for air conditioning panels and boards that work in very hot weather conditions and heavy use (metal and steel smelting industries, etc.). Cooling of electrical panels and telecommunications and industrial panels using cold and cool water available in industrial facilities. The BEX1000 air conditioner is very efficient using cold water, especially if a cold water source is available
Bentley water/air exchanger systems use cool and cold water to neutralize the heat of electrical panels, which cools the internal air of electrical panels and cabinets by exchanging the heat of the air inside the enclosure of the electrical panel with cold water.
Cooling through the use of cold water offers several advantages, because water has a higher heat exchange capacity than air. In addition, in industrial environments that often have central sources of cold water, they exchange significant amounts of heat through the installation of Bentley water/air exchangers in electrical panels and electrical panels of various industries and production lines.
These systems, with their special design, eliminate any communication between inside and outside air, and in addition to preventing any dust from entering the electrical panel, it increases the lifespan of electrical equipment and prevents accidental breakdowns and stoppage of production lines. . In general, they bring completely isolated and standardized conditions for industrial equipment.

Bentley BEX1000 air-cooled features
Designed without the need for maintenance and support
Digital controller
Suitable for indoor and outdoor installation
Strong air circulation
Very compact design
Very low consumption
Vibration-free operation
Fully automatic operation
Ability to design in different voltagesخنک کننده آب سرد و هوا


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