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Enclosure Cooler Applications

Electric Panel Air Conditioner with advanced technology and multiple capabilities is considered an essential component in the industry. These devices effectively prevent the heat produced by electrical equipment and increase the life and productivity of the equipment.

In various industries, the use of controllers and electronic equipment, monitoring systems and heat generating machines is very common. Among the equipment that can be very effective in preventing breakdowns and disturbances in the processes and maintaining the health of the equipment, is Bently industrial coolers. Bently panel coolers are one of the best-selling electrical panel cooling systems in the country, which have met the needs of all industries and customers for more than two decades.

انواع کولر تابلو برق بنتلی - کولر گازی تابلو برق

Electrical controllers and monitoring

automation1 768x392 1 - BENTLY Electrical Panel Air Conditioner - Enclosure Cooler Applications -

Oil, gas and petrochemical switching

خنک کننده کوره - کولر گازی تابلو برق

Induction furnaces

کولر کابین آسانسور - کولر گازی تابلو برق

elevator cabin

خنک کننده تجهیزات آزمایشگاه - کولر گازی تابلو برق


کولر گازی تابلو برق
کولر دیتا سنتر و فضای رک - کولر گازی تابلو برق

Datacenters and colocations

چیلر صنعتی و خنک کننده ماشین‌آلات صنعتی - کولر گازی تابلو برق

industrial automation

کولر گازی تابلو برق در صنعت خودرو - کولر گازی تابلو برق

automobile industry

انواع هواسازها - کولر گازی تابلو برق

Plant engineering

خنک کننده CNC و تجهیرات - کولر گازی تابلو برق

Measuring systems and tools

Enclosure Cooler Applications in different industries


Bently data center cooler

  • Data center coolers are one of the most vital components in data center environments and colocation centers. These devices are designed to provide suitable environmental conditions for electronic equipment and servers.

automobile industry

  • The electric panel air conditioner is used to control the temperature and maintain the performance of electrical equipment in cars.


Plant engineering

  • In plant environments that need to control temperature and humidity, electrical panel air conditioners are used.


Oil, gas and petrochemical switching panels

  • To maintain the correct operation of the electrical equipment in the switching panels, the gas cooler of the electrical panel is used.


Measuring systems and tools

  • In order to prevent the loss of sensitivity in measuring instruments, it is necessary to use the air conditioner of the electrical panel.


Induction furnaces

  • In induction furnaces, electrical panel air coolers are used to cool electrical equipment and preserve their life.


mechanical engineering

  • In different types of machinery and mechanical equipment, the use of electrical panel air conditioner is very important to maintain the life of electrical equipment.


industrial automation

  • In industrial automation systems to control and monitor electrical equipment, the use of air conditioners is essential.



  • In laboratories that need to control temperature and humidity, air conditioners are used to maintain favorable environmental conditions.

elevator cabin

  • To maintain the correct operation of the electrical equipment in the elevator cabins, the air conditioner of the electrical panel is used.


CNC cooling and equipment

  • It is used to maintain temperature and optimal performance in CNC equipment and precision devices.
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