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Why Bently? Coolers that are not just coolers!

Why Bently panel cooler? An introduction to industrial cooling

Everyone in the industry knows that protecting switchboards is critical. In this regard, the introduction of Bently panel cooler from Mana Sanaat Company is a suitable option to increase the life and efficiency of electrical panels. These products are produced with special benefits and features, which are discussed in detail below.

چرا بنتلی؟ - کولر گازی تابلو برق بنتلی - کولر تابلویی

One year unconditional warranty

  • Ensure perfect performance with a one-year warranty.

Easy installation of panel cooler

  • Simple and hassle-free installation and relocation process for business owners.

Creating clean air with electrical panel cooling

  • Using advanced filters to maintain air quality inside the board environment.

Maximum reduction of temperature in hot spots

  • Optimizing the cooling system to prevent temperature rise in sensitive areas.

Creating the maximum circulation distance

  • Improving the circulating air flow inside the panel to maintain the temperature and optimal operating conditions.

Prevent mixing of polluted air

  • Unique design to prevent the entry of polluted air from the outside environment.

Environmentally friendly

  • Using recyclable and environmentally friendly materials in the structure of the product.

After sales service

  • 5-year after-sales service guarantee for all products and services.

Using advanced laser cutting systems

  • High quality and accuracy in body structure using laser cutting technology for equipment and cabinets of any size.

Variety of panel coolers

  • Providing various models according to different needs in different industries.

Long service life of electrical panel air conditioner

  • Using the highest quality materials to increase the useful life of the product.

Ease of replacing parts

  • New design for easy replacement and maintenance of panel parts.

The high efficiency of the electrical panel air conditioner

  • High efficiency in cooling electrical panels with Bently Enclosure Cooler.

Easy access

  • Design with a view to quick access to the equipment inside the panel for control and repairs.

Condensate discharge output control

  • The possibility of precise management of liquid output to maintain the optimal operation of the panel.

Body electrostatic coating

  • Creating an electrostatic layer to prevent the absorption of dust on the panel surface.

Fast delivery

Fast delivery, commissioning and installation, our products are available at Bently and there is no need to wait.


One year unconditional warranty on all Bently products and services.

after sales service

۵ years after-sales service for all Bently products, can be provided in the shortest possible time.

Affordable price

By maintaining high efficiency and reasonable price, Bently helps industrial units to reduce costs and meet their needs.

Unique quality

Thanks to years of experience and use of new technologies in design and production, we guarantee the quality, efficiency and satisfaction of our customers.

International standard

Benefiting from IP54 water and dust resistant standard, R134a environment friendly compression system, ISO9001 quality standard.

About Us

Why Bently? Because the Bently Enclosure Cooler is the best-selling electric panel cooler in Iran…

Mana Sanaat Tadbir Andish Sahand Company started operating in the field of refrigeration systems and industrial machinery production in 1380. Following the proposals of various industries and following it, the survey and needs assessment carried out since 2013, the company started to produce air conditioners for switchboards and mini chillers under the Bently brand in order to meet the needs of the industry and also to prevent foreign exchange from leaving the country. Subset Mana Sanaat.

Now, in order to provide service to the dear Iranian industry and to export this knowledge-based product, by using modern technology and relying on the knowledge and experience of domestic engineers, we will provide high-quality products with a unique design. The well-being of its customers is considered by valuing the quality and putting the process of continuous improvement and reliable after-sales service as a result of obtaining peace and assurance of the companions and users.

Bently Enclosure Cooler are specially designed for cooling industrial boxes, electrical panels, telecommunication servers, which remove the heat produced by electronic equipment using an environmentally friendly compression system.

A very high percentage of the cause of failure of electronic equipment, drives, inverters, etc. is high ambient humidity and heat inside the switchboard and dust, which leads to malfunctions and stoppage of production lines, or at a higher stage, failure and even fire. Electric panels.

Bently’s cooling system with IP54 standard, in addition to keeping the interior of electrical panels cool by cutting off the relationship between the internal air and the outside air of the panel, the absolute circulation of the internal air prevents the penetration of any dust into the panel.

Bently Enclosure Cooler absorb the moisture in the air of the panel during the cooling operation and immediately expel it from the system by performing the evaporation operation, as a result, it makes the electrical panels of the production lines work in very favorable conditions, which in practice, in addition to increasing the life of the parts and Electrical panel equipment prevents production lines from stopping due to accidental breakdowns and increases the efficiency of the production process of the relevant system.

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Mana Sanaat Tadbir Andish – Bently is with you with more than two decades of experience

Bently products from Mana Sanaat company provide the best protection solution for your electrical panels by using modern technology and coordination with global standards. Our goal is to provide quality products, obtain customer satisfaction, and provide appropriate after-sales services to solve as many problems as possible for the producers of our beloved country, Iran.

We are ready to accompany you in choosing the right ventilation systems and accessories.

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