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Frequently asked questions of the best-selling panel cooler in the country
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Frequently asked questions about the electrical panel cooler

What is an electrical board cooler?

The best and most practical option for cooling electrical panels, telecommunications, systems and industrial servers and other industrial boxes, in answer to frequently asked questions, is the electrical panel cooler.

How do electrical panel coolers work?

Switchboard coolers work based on the refrigeration cycle and have compression compressors. The compressors of Bently electric panel coolers are piston cylinder type and the best and strongest brands.

What should be done to reduce the temperature of the electrical panel or reduce the temperature of the rack?

In order to cool the electrical panel or cool the rack or any other industrial box, the best solution is to install a panel cooler, because the Bentley panel cooler, in addition to cooling the electrical panel, also dehumidifies the electrical panel and prevents dust from entering. Prevents dust from entering the electrical panel.

Does the air conditioner of the electrical panel also perform the dehumidification function?

Yes, according to the frequently asked questions about the electric panel cooler, the Bently electric panel cooler also performs the dehumidification process inside the panel in addition to cooling.

How to prevent dust from entering the electrical panel?

The best solution to prevent dust from entering the electrical panel is to use a Bently electrical panel cooler.

Is it possible to install industrial air conditioners on cranes, CNC panels and elevators?

Bently is the oldest manufacturer of industrial coolers with a variety of products and different powers, in addition to producing industrial coolers for switchboards, it is also a designer and manufacturer of industrial coolers for cranes, industrial coolers for CNC and industrial coolers for elevators.

If it is not possible to install an electrical panel cooler on the wall or ceiling of the panel, what is the ventilation solution for the electrical panel?

The best solution is to use a Bently hose electrical panel cooler.

What is a hose model panel cooler?

Bently, the first manufacturer of electrical panel coolers in Iran, considering that in some cases it is not possible to install the cooler on the wall or ceiling of the electrical panel or enclosure, designed and produced the centrifugal hose model cooler by internal designers and engineers in order to respond to customers’ requests. Is.

Is the cooler of the Bently electrical panel domestic or foreign?

It is designed and built by Iranian engineers and is proudly domestically produced. It should be noted that the main consumable parts (compressor, controller and fans) are imported and the best brands in the world are used with the best

Bently is the first and oldest manufacturer of panel coolers in Iran

Bentley electric panel cooler, the best selling switchboard cooler in Iran

Mana Sanaat Tadbir Andish Sahand Company started operating in the field of refrigeration systems and industrial machinery production in 1380. Following the proposals of various industries and following it, the survey and needs assessment carried out since 2013, the company started to produce air conditioners for switchboards and mini chillers under the Bently brand in order to meet the needs of the industry and also to prevent foreign exchange from leaving the country. Subset Mana Sanaat.

Now, in order to provide service to the dear Iranian industry and to export this knowledge-based product, by using modern technology and relying on the knowledge and experience of domestic engineers, we will provide high-quality products with a unique design. The well-being of its customers is considered by valuing the quality and putting the process of continuous improvement and reliable after-sales service as a result of obtaining peace and assurance of the companions and users.

Bently Enclosure Cooler are specially designed for cooling industrial boxes, electrical panels, telecommunication servers, which remove the heat produced by electronic equipment using an environmentally friendly compression system.

A very high percentage of the cause of failure of electronic equipment, drives, inverters, etc. is high ambient humidity and heat inside the switchboard and dust, which leads to malfunctions and stoppage of production lines, or at a higher stage, failure and even fire. Electric panels.

Bently’s cooling system with IP54 standard, in addition to keeping the interior of electrical panels cool by cutting off the relationship between the internal air and the outside air of the panel, the absolute circulation of the internal air prevents the penetration of any dust into the panel.

Bently Enclosure Cooler absorb the moisture in the air of the panel during the cooling operation and immediately expel it from the system by performing the evaporation operation, as a result, it makes the electrical panels of the production lines work in very favorable conditions, which in practice, in addition to increasing the life of the parts and Electrical panel equipment prevents production lines from stopping due to accidental breakdowns and increases the efficiency of the production process of the relevant system.

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