Roof mount cooler BR1000

Roof mount cooler BR1000

Enclosure Cooling Units  1000watt


Control Panel Air Conditioners

Digital Temperature Controller

Active Condensate Evaporation System

High Unit Efficiency

Tough Industrial Construction

AutomationDirect’s  bently  enclosure air conditioners are designed to maintain the temperature inside an electrical enclosure at or below a safe level for the enclosed equipment, while maintaining a closed loop environment inside the enclosure to keep out contaminates in the ambient air.

The accumulation of heat in an enclosure is potentially damaging to electrical and electronic devices. Overheating can shorten the life expectancy of costly electrical components or lead to catastrophic failure.

Installing filter fans may not provide the needed protection from contaminants and heat exchangers can only perform when the ambient temperature is lower than the internal temperature.

bently closed loop air circulation provides a contaminant free environment and optimal cooling under higher ambient temperatures


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